Wonky Logs Quilted with “Modern Curves”

Miriam's Wonky Log Cabin

Sometimes the perfect quilting design and a beautiful quilt top come together in a magical way – bliss to a Longarmer’s heart.

You can see this quilt highlighted on The Pine Needle’s Facebook page (March 20, 2014) at https://www.facebook.com/ThePineNeedleQuiltShop

While this quilt hung on the wall at The Pine Needle, when I presented it to Miriam, everyone in the shop came to admire it. It occurred to me that I was probably the only person in the group drooling over the quilt design – everyone else was drooling over the lovely fabrics and the great piecing that Miriam had accomplished!

It was my joy to quilt this top for Miriam.

I always love adding quilting to a quilt top – always. Sometimes, though, it is especially satisfying when the quilt design and the quilt top complement each other perfectly. “Zen Umbrellas” and the quilting design “rain drops” from Intelligentquilting.com is one such pairing that I am just loving! I hope my customer, Tam, loves it as much as I do! See Tam’s blog at http://quiltcharette.wordpress.com/

Banana Split – Custom Quilted

Dawn's Banana Split

I love the effect of overall quilting, but sometimes a quilt calls for custom work. The solid borders and the black frame in “Banana Split” yell custom! I love simple repeated lines like the ones in this border. Happily, Dawn likes it too! See her blog at

I also quilted Dawn’s “Honeymoon in Paris” – so delicious… See pics of it on her blog at

Quilted Name Tag


Since February, there has been an item on my to-do list:  Create a quilted name tag that includes the logo of my guild.  That is 8 months that I have been writing that project on my weekly list of things to get done and I am thrilled to announce that I have finally crossed it off – project completed.

I wanted to include my business logo as well as my guild logo; I wanted to showcase my long arm quilting – since that is my business after all; I wanted to play with hexi’s.  I will be sporting it for the first time at my guild meeting tonight.

I have to admit, I’m a bit afraid it looks something like a barmaid’s undergarment… or maybe a bib…  But at least it is off my list and I won’t have to pay the $0.25 guild charge for “forgetting” my name tag!