First Crochet Finish of 2018

IMG_4844This little blanket (about 60 by 60 inches) was my first crochet finish of 2018.  I started it in Oregon, carried the project along with me in the U-Haul on our cross country move to Memphis, Tennessee, and never touched it, thought I could finish it the week before Christmas, and finally did finish it in late January.  Isn’t it beautiful?

It is “Lily Pond” by Janie Crow.  I am a pattern follower when I crochet.  My niece is the most amazing crocheter and she creates from scratch, or looks at something and recreates it without a pattern, but not me.  Sigh.

I took up crochet a few years ago when I discovered Youtube how-to videos.  I swear you can learn to do ANYTHING with Youtube videos.  My grandma crocheted and I love doing something that I can remember her doing all the time.

I love the texture and color that one can create with crochet.  I love yarn – especially soft wool yarn.  My hubby recently said about one of my creations, “You could sell that for $20!”  To which I responded, “The yarn cost about $100.”  After a moment he quietly muttered, “I thought yarn was cheap.”  Not so, especially if you are a yarn snob like I am.