Hello Dear Reader,

Welcome to my business:  All Quilted, LLC and its blog

I am pleased that you stopped by and I hope you find something interesting enough, or valuable enough, to return often.  If you are curious about me, my background, and my purpose in writing this blog, you are on the right page.

Who am I?  Wife, Mom, Retired Homeschool Teacher, Retired CPA, Retired CFO, Economics Scholar, and Small Business Owner

My name is Debbie Scroggy.  First and foremost I am wife to Joel (our 29th anniversary approaches) and Mom to 5 fabulous kids – 3 daughters and 2 sons.  Our oldest daughter is pursuing her own adventure in South Korea where she has been teaching English for 3 years.  Our second daughter is working and doing triathlons in Athens, Georgia, where she swam her way through college and earned an engineering degree.  Our youngest daughter is a rising junior at Texas Christian University in Fort Worth, Texas, and our 2 sons are in high school and still at home.  My husband and kids are my life – and I am grateful to have their support in this business and blogging adventure!

I earned by Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting and Computer Science from the University of Oregon, many years ago.  I worked for a while in public accounting and became a Certified Public Accountant (now retired).  My last “paying” job was for a high-tech company where I rose to Vice-President of Finance, before retiring from that as well, to become a full-time Mom.

With the birth of our 4th child, my new idea was to homeschool our oldest daughters – in 3rd and 5th grades at the time.  Joel’s response was pretty much, “If you start this, you can’t just decide to quit – you have to see it through.”  That was about 17 years ago.  I homeschooled all three daughters through 8th grade (they then entered high school), and our sons through 6th grade.

While homeschooling, I discovered a love of history and a keen interest in current events and politics.  In the fall of 2010 I took the GRE exam – thank goodness my brain still works, and enrolled as a graduate student pursuing a Master of Science degree in Applied Economics from Georgia Southern University.  As of this writing, this work is still in progress; I have 4 classes remaining to complete my graduate degree.

Sometime during the study of economics, I realized it was time for me to enter the arena of business ownership.  It is well enough to study what moves our economy – small businesses – but I wanted to participate fully, to jump in with both feet.  So in February 2013, with my husband’s reluctant blessing, I purchased a longarm quilting machine and embarked on this new journey.

This blog will chronicle my journey into the land of business ownership, and share what I discover about the craft of quilting in the modern world.

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