Insane Little Blocks

Days 26, 27 and 28 of Kathryn Kerr’s 365 Challenge:  A block a day for every day in 2018.  For all of January, so far, the blocks will finish at 3 inches square – that is tiny. See the nickel in the center square in the picture as a frame of reference.  IMG_4839The blocks are fun to make; it would be tedious to make lots of these blocks, but just making one a day is an interesting challenge that can be accomplished is no time at all.  Participating in this challenge is an excellent example of what can be accomplished one small bite at a time.

So far the blocks are all to read “dark.”  The dark blocks will be separated from the eventual “light” blocks to form separate sections of the ultimate quilt – secondary patterns.  Since I could not tolerate the idea of this intricate piecing getting lost in fabrics that are too near each other in value, I’m using complimentary colors and moving around the color wheel to an adjacent color family (24 total color families in my system) every 6 or 7 blocks.  I hope the end result will be scrappy and yet hold together.  It is a bit hard to imagine with a quilt made of of 365 little blocks.  I am loving the way my little blocks play together so far.  Perhaps I’ll post a picture of all of them at the end of the month.

3 thoughts on “Insane Little Blocks

  1. I have done 12 of these. I don’t plan on finishing all of them. I am going to make a wall quilt (small) out of these for now. One I can hang on a small wall area. I start teaching Bible classes next week and just won’t have time to continue them. But I have loved doing them. I will text a picture of a mini quilt I made a few years back that I loved to your mom and she can show it to you. I love your blocks and color combinations.

    • Mom told me you were making these little guys, too. Wondered what you were planning. So far I’m on track, and enjoy making one a day – would definitely not want to make 100’s of any of them! Way too fussy!

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