A Block-a-Day, Days 18 to 24

Days 18 to 24 of Kathryn Kerr’s 365 Block Challenge:IMG_4835Day 18 (upper left in the picture) is the last block in this group made out of rectangles/squares and it took 24 pieces of 3 different fabrics to make this little block that will finish at 3 inches square.  Day 19 we began playing with triangles, starting with a simple half square triangle block and getting more complicated as the days moved along.  Days 21, 22, and 23 are all made with 4 little half square triangles, arranged in different ways.  Then day 24 we started playing with even smaller triangles.  All the blocks are still to read “dark.”

One thought on “A Block-a-Day, Days 18 to 24

  1. This is really intriguing. Next picture, will you put something else in the photo to give size perspective? Why “dark”? Is it part of the overall pattern? Not being a quilter, I don’t know these things.

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