Avoiding the Dreaded Wavy Border – aka, Preparing a Quilt for Your Longarm Quilter

Wavy Borders 2 June 2013I’m pretty new in this longarm quilting business and at about quilt number 30, I’ve encountered the dreaded “wavy” border. I knew this quilt was going to be a challenge to quilt when I had trouble getting it to lay flat to get its measure! The story behind it is wonderful – a quilt begun by a grandmother by hand, found years later and finished by a family friend for the granddaughter’s 21st birthday. I’m so honored to be part of this story.

A picture is worth a million words – gaze at the picture here, and I hope you will be convinced to measure through the middle of your quilt, cut two borders exactly that length and ease your quilt sides to fit that border on two opposite sides, then repeat for the remaining two sides. Look here for a full explanation (shared by Marcia Stevens and MQX copyright free): Nice Flat Borders – Eliminate the Wave

In the end, I did the best I could with this customer quilt – but the result could have been better with properly applied borders. I would love to hear from other longarm quilters – what would you have done to correct the wavy borders on this quilt?

Granddaughter's Quilt June 2013

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